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Cross Stitch

If you enjoy embroidery then you will love cross stitching. We have a great selection of cross stitching kits and patterns for the complete beginner to the very advanced and for adults and children alike. We also stock the new Zenbroidery an art of free flowing embroidery on printed fabric, using coloured threads, sequins and beads. Our range of mini cross stitching make great little gifts and are great for inserting into card for that personalised touch.

Mini-Cross Stitch

We stock a large range of yarns for all your knitting and crotchet projects.  

Advanced cross stitch

Our advanced cross stitch patterns are for the enthusiastic and experience cross stitcher. The intricate designs simply look breathtaking once finished and can be mounted in a frame as a centre piece, sewn onto cushions for instant flair or sew to bags to new life.


Zenboidery is an art of free-form stitching. The printed design on cotton fabric is filled in using any thread types, colours and stitch styles you wish to use to create your own zen masterpiece which is completely unique. Add beads and sequins for added effects. Zenbroidery is ideal for beginners and experienced cross stitchers alike.
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